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Watchlist feeds are an extension of Watchlists, make sure to read about them first.

Watchlist Feed

Watchlists alone are able to show who is online. Premium users can additionally have feeds, where level ups and deaths are announced for any entry of their lists.

In order to create a feed, the addfeed command must be used, like this:watchlist addfeed #friends, where #friends is the watchlist channel.

Once a feed is created, it will automatically start posting announcements for all entries.

Watchlist Feed

Announced changes:

  • For character entries:
    • Character deaths
    • Character level ups
    • Character transfers to another world
    • Character changes name
    • Character joins or leaves a guild
  • For guild entries:
    • Member joins or leaves guild
    • Member deaths
    • Member level ups
    • Member changes name