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Respawn System

The respawn system allows you to keep track of which respawns are being used by the members of your server, allowing users to claim respawns or join the queues or respawns that are occupied.

Getting Started

In order to start using the respawn system, it must be enabled for your server by using the command respawn setup.

After using this command, a channel will be created, where a list of the spawns that are currently taken will be shown, as well as an automatically generated image with all the respawns.


This channel is initially only visible to you, remember to update its permissions as you desire. It is highly recommended not to let anyone send messages in this channel.

Every respawn contains a code, this lets you claim it without having to write its full name.

Claiming a spawn

Users can claim any respawn that is available, by using the respawn claim command followed by the code of the respawn. Once a respawn is claimed, it will be assigned to the user for a specific amount of time.

When this time runs out, the user will receive a private message, notifying them that their time is up.


Depending on the user's privacy settings, NabBot might not be able to send private messages to the user. This can be verified by using the command: checkpm

A user might leave a respawn at anytime, using the command respawn leave.

Joining the queue (next)

If the user wants to hunt on a respawn that is already claimed by someone else, they might join the queue by using the command respawn next.

When the current hunt ends, the next player in the queue will be notified via direct message and will be asked for confirmation.

If the user accepts, the respawn will be assigned to them. If the user doesn't accept, the respawn will pass to the next person in the queue, repeating the confirmation process.

Additional configuration

By default, the duration of a hunt is 2 hours, however, if the server managers want to change this time, they can use the command respawn setduration.

Additionally, respawns may have up to 20 players in their queue. In order to change this limit, server managers can use the command respawn setlimit.

Note that this change won't affect any of the current queues.


The configured respawn limit is 30, and a certain respawn has 23 users in its queue.

If the queue limit is changed to 20, the queue of the respawn will remain the same, but it won't be possible for new users to join until the number is below 20.

For information on all the available commands, see Respawn Commands.