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As NabBot continues to grow, the resources needed to maintain it grow too. NabBot is currently running on a small server that was able to handle the load at the beginning, but it is getting closer to full capacity.
Your support will help us finance a better server which in turn will improve NabBot's performance.

NabBot is a project that has been maintained by donators, and we are thankful to the people that have enjoyed NabBot and have decided to support its development.

There are two ways to acquire premium:

How to get Premium

Become a Patron

To acquire premium, the first step is to become a Patron, this will provide you with slots to assign premium servers.

How To

  1. Become a Patron
  2. You will receive a special role in NabBot's server.
  3. Depending on the tier chosen, you will have 1 or 2 slots to use.
  4. Use premium add in the server you want to add.

You must remain in the server in order for NabBot to be able to validate your patron status.

Pay with Tibia Coins

You can purchase premium with Tibia coins with the command premium buy. To see the current price and information, you can use premium price.

How To

  1. Check the current price by using the command premium price.
  2. Transfer the desired amount of Tibia Coins to Nab Broker.
  3. Register the transaction, specifying the amount, and the character you transferred from (e.g premium buy 200 Eternally Oblivious).
  4. Wait for the transaction to be reviewed.
  5. When the transaction is approved, you will now have the premium days credited to your account.
  6. Check your balance using the command: premium status.
  7. You can give premium days to servers using premium add.

Note that premium days given to servers can't be taken back.


  • Access to exclusive chats for premium users
  • Get insight of upcoming features and be on the loop on what's being worked on.
  • Custom statistics for your Discord server.
  • Have up to 5 watchlists in your server.
  • No minimum user limits for watchlists.
  • Watchlist feeds
  • Respawn system
  • More coming soonā€¦


For all commands related to the premium system, see: Premium Commands