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When the bot is first added to a server, a role is created with the permissions defined in the invite link. To operate correctly, the bot needs the following permissions.

Required permissions

Read Messages

This permission is needed for obvious reasons. If the bot can't read messages, it can't respond to command. If this permission is not set for a channel, the bot won't even appear on the online list on that channel. This permission can be denied for a specific channel if you don't want it to be on that channel. If this permission is denied, all other permissions are considered denied automatically.

Send Messages

An obligatory permission. The bot needs this to be able to respond to commands and make announcements.

Read Message History

Due to a Discord API limitation, the bot must be able to read message history in order to be able to know when a message has been reacted to in paginating commands.

Many commands feature Discord embeds. These are rich format replies that allow the use of masked links, thumbnails, time stamps, fields, etcetera. Denying this permission makes such commands stop working.

Use External Emojis

This permission is needed for NabBot to be able to display its custom emojis.

Manage Webhooks

This permission is needed to assign channels as server logs, level & deaths channels, news channels or to create watchlist feeds.

Attach Files

This permission allows the bot to attach files as part of the message. Some commands like /item, /monster and /house display a related image. Disabling this permission won't break those commands' functionality but images won't be shown anymore.

View Audit Log

It lets the bot check the audit log for more information when a member leaves, is banned or changes nickname. With this, the bot is able to tell if a member was kicked or left the server on his own, or if they updated their nickname or someone edited it for them.

This is only relevant for servers that have a #server-log channel.

Manage Channels

This permission is only needed if you're using the watched-list feature. It lets the bot create the channel and update its status.

Manage Roles

This permission is only needed if you want to use groups (joinable roles) and automatic roles.

Add Reactions

This permission used to be necessary for command pagination and reaction confirmations, but they have been replaced by views. This permission is left enabled for future use, due to it being harmless.