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Due to the high amount of changes in NabBot when implementing Slash Commands, we had to temporarily disable support for other languages.

Stay tuned for more information on the new translation project.

Multi-language support

NabBot allows you to pick the language you want for your server or for your private conversations with NabBot.

Language Progress Available
Spanish Translated % Approved %
Portuguese Translated % Approved %
Polish Translated % Approved %
German Translated % Approved %
Swedish Translated % Approved %

Changing the language

There are two different language settings: server language and personal language:

  • Server Language: This will be the language NabBot will use for all messages in the server. This can only be changed by members with the Manage Server permission.
  • Personal Language: This will be the language NabBot will use for any commands used in private messages. Note that in servers, the server language will always be used.

In order to change the language, you can use the command language (e.g language spanish). If it is used inside a server, it will attempt to change the server's language. If it is used in a private message, it will change your personal language.


For the moment, NabBot's random messages for level ups and deaths are only available in English. If you want death and level up messages in the configured language, you can turn on simple messages using settings simpleannouncements


You can contribute to NabBot's translations by visiting its Crowdin Project.

In Crowdin, you will see a list of the currently added languages, with their translation and approval progress percentage. By clicking on the desired language, and selecting the nabbot.pot file, you can start translating.

When translating, pay close attention to the context provided for the text. Sometimes this might include additional information, such as what is the text for or what is expected from the translation. Some texts might contain screenshots, showing you where the text belongs.

If you want to contribute with a language that is not listed, let us know.

General guidelines and tips

  1. The following are keywords that are replaced dynamically by the bot to show values. Do not translate them and do not remove them from the text:
    • Curly braces: {count:,}, {prefix}, {name}, {0}.
    • Percentage symbol and letter: %s, %d.
  2. It is important to keep the same case and punctuations in texts.
    • If the text ends with a period or not.
    • If there are spaces before or after the text.
    • If the text starts with upper case or lower case. Not applicable to other words in the text (see #3).
    • If the text contains interrogation or exclamation marks, colons, etc.
  3. The grammar rules for the target language must be considered, even if it means changing the way the sentence is structured or altering the meaning a bit. This also applies to capitalization, for instance, a title like: Account Information may be capitalized differently in Spanish: Información de cuenta.
  4. Discord terms should be translated the same way the UI displays them. It is advised to change your client's language to check the terms used.
    • Permission names
    • Translations for terms like roles, channels, settings, etc.
  5. Make sure the same text formatting is used in the translated text (bold text, italics, underlined, links):
    • **bold text** -> bold text
    • *italics* or _italics_ -> italics or italics
    • __underlined__ -> underlined
    • ~~strikethrough~~ -> strikethrough
    • ***combined format*** -> combined format
    • `monospaced` -> monospaced
    • See more information
  6. Command names should not be translated.
    • Parameter names might be translated (words enclosed in «» or []). There might be some exceptions. Please take a look at the context text provided.
  7. Tibia elements should not be translated, for example, vocations, items, cities, monsters, etcetera.
  8. Avoid using slang and regional variants. Try to use as much neutral language as possible, so users from different countries than yours but that speak the same language can understand.
  9. Not every word must be translated, sometimes, the English name for something is what most Tibia players use and that should be preferred over the translation.