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Getting Started

You just invited NabBot to your server, and now you're wondering: What now?

Command Prefix

In order to use NabBot's commands, you have to put nab. before the desired command (e.g nab.share)


You can add your own custom prefixes by using nab.settings prefix.

Set a world

First, you must set the Tibia world that will be tracked in this server.

You can set a world by using nab.settings world ServerName:


How does the tracked world affect my server?
  • Only characters from that world will be visible when viewing a user's characters (using whois)
  • When registering characters, only characters from the tracked world will be considered.
  • When using commands without specifying a world, the tracked world will be used by default (e.g house, searchworld, highscores)

Level ups and deaths

Level ups and deaths will be shown for any registered character of the users in your server.

First, you must set the channel where they will be shown. We recommend that you create a channel specifically for this purpose. Use the command nab.settings levelschannel to assign it.

Users in your server can then register their characters using the command



NabBot can log many actions done in your server and by your members by setting a server log.