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Server Log

The server log is a special channel where changes in your server are announced to.

You can set any channel to be the server-log by using the command settings serverlog.

NabBot can also tell who performed certain actions if it has the View Audit Logs permission.

Changes announced

  • New members joining
    • If the user has previously registered characters, they will be displayed.
  • Members leaving or being kicked.
    • If the bot has View Audit Logs permission, it will be able to tell if the member left or was kicked.
    • The user's registered characters will be displayed.
  • Members banned
  • Member unbanned
  • Member changed nickname.
  • Member registered or unregistered characters.
  • Name of a registered character changed.
  • Registered character transferred world.
  • Server changes
    • Icon changed
    • Voice region changed.
    • Name changed
    • Ownership transferred
  • Emoji added, removed or deleted.
  • Roles assigned or removed due to autoroles rules.
  • Watchlist channel deleted
  • Group or autoroles deleted.