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Boss Reminders

You can tell NabBot when you kill a boss in order to be reminded when the cooldown is over.

To set a new boss timer, you use the command boss set with the name of the boss, and the character you killed the boss with, for example: boss set Kroazur,Galarzaa Fidera


When the cooldown is over, you will receive a private message:


You can keep track of different timers for all your characters at the same time. You can check your active cooldowns using boss list.


To see a list of all the available boss cooldowns you can set, use boss bosslist.

Custom Reminders

You can also set custom reminders for whatever you want using the remindme.

This command let you set any time you want and any message. When the time is over, you will be reminded in the same channel where you used the command. It will even include a link to the original message in case you want to look for some context.