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Features Overview

Apart from the traditional Discord bot features like commands, NabBot has a couple other useful features for server management.

NabBot is able to check and retrieve most information available in, like character information, guilds, online list and houses. Aditionally, it uses a database generated from TibiaWiki content, to show information about monsters, items and more.

To see a full list commands check the commands section.

Character tracking

One of the initial features of NabBot was the ability to link Discord users and Tibia characters together.

A user can indicate which characters are theirs by using the im command. Once they have registered their characters, they are able to see them using the whois command.

This allows you to have a correlation between Discord users and Tibia characters.

Level and death announcements

All tracked characters are constantly being scanned by the bot, checking for level differences or new deaths.

Once a new level or a death is found, they are announced on the designated channel. Additionally, entries are saved, so they can be checked later, creating a history for the character.

By default, any character owned by users in the current Discord server will be announced. For finer control, blacklists and whitelists can be used.

Guild Whitelist

The guild whitelist allows server mods to control which characters get their level ups and deaths announced.

While the whitelist is empty, all characters will be announced, but once at least one guild is in the list, the filtering will be enabled.

Only characters that are part of guilds in the whitelist will have their deaths and level announced.

See whitelist commands.

User Blacklist

The user blacklist allows you to mute the announcements of all characters owned by a user.

See blacklist commands.