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Tracking commands

Commands related to NabBot's tracking system.


Remember to put the command prefix before the command
The default prefixes are nb., nab. and $.

Parameters are enclosed with « ».
Optional parameters are enclosed in brackets [].
A|B indicates command accepts either A or B.
These do not actually go into the command.


Syntax: addchar «user», «character»
Other aliases: registerchar

Register a character and optionally all other visible characters to a discord user.

This command can only be used by server moderators.


The blacklist filters out level up and deaths announcements.

blacklist user

Syntax: blacklist user «user»

Adds a user to the blacklist.

Users can be added by their name, mention, name and discriminator or their user ID.
Characters owned by users in the blacklist won't have their level ups and deaths announced.

blacklist user list

Shows the users currently in the blacklist.

If a user in the list is no longer in the server, it will be shown just by its ID.

blacklist user remove

Syntax: blacklist user remove «user»

Removes a user from the blacklist.

If the user only displays an ID on the list, it can be removed using that ID.


Syntax: characters

Shows all your registered characters.


Syntax: claim [char_name]

Claims a character, registering to you even if someone else already has it.

In order for this to work, you have to put a special code in the character's comment.
You can see this code by using the command with no parameters. The code looks like this: /NB-23FC13AC7400000/
Once you had set the code, you can use the command with that character, if the code matches, it will be reassigned to you.
Note that it may take some time for the code to be visible to NabBot because of caching.

This code is unique for your Discord user, so the code will only work for your Discord account and no one elses.
No one can claim a character of yours unless you put their code in your character's comment.


Syntax: im «char_name»
Other aliases: i'm or iam

Lets you add your Tibia character(s) for the bot to track.

If there are other visible characters, the bot will ask for confirmation to add them too.

Characters in other worlds other than the currently tracked world are skipped.
If it finds a character owned by another user, the whole process will be stopped.

If a character is already registered to someone else, claim can be used.


Syntax: imnot «name»
Other aliases: i'mnot

Removes a character assigned to you.

All registered level ups and deaths will be lost forever.


Shows you which users are online on Tibia.




Syntax: removechar «name»
Other aliases: deletechar or unregisterchar

Removes a registered character from someone.

Note that you can only remove chars if they are from users exclusively in your server.
You can't remove any characters that would alter other servers NabBot is in.


Syntax: searchteam «params»
Other aliases: whereteam or findteam

Searches for a registered character that meets the criteria.

There are 3 ways to use this command:
- Show characters in share range with a specific character. (searchteam «name»)
- Show characters in share range with a specific level. (searchteam «level»)
- Show characters in a level range. (searchteam «min»,«max»)

Online characters are shown first on the list, they also have an icon.


searchteam Galarzaa Fidera
searchteam 234
searchteam 100,120


Other aliases: huntedlist

Create or manage watchlists.

Watchlists are channels where the online status of selected characters are shown.
You can create multiple watchlists and add characters and guilds to each one separately.

watchlist add

Syntax: watchlist add «channel» «name»[,reason]
Other aliases: watchlist addplayer or watchlist addchar

Adds a character to a watchlist.

A reason can be specified by adding it after the character's name, separated by a comma.


watchlist add #friends Galarzaa Fidera

watchlist addfeed

Syntax: watchlist addfeed «channel» [feed_channel]
Other aliases: watchlist addtracking

Creates or assigns a channel to be used as a feed for the watchlist.

This feature can only be used on premium servers.

The feed channel is where level ups and deaths for entries of the watchlist will be posted.
The channel parameter is meant to be an existing watchlist.
New channel is the channel that will be assigned as feed channel.
If not specified, a new channel will be created.

watchlist addguild

Syntax: watchlist addguild «channel» «name»[,reason]

Adds an entire guild to a watchlist.

Guilds are displayed in the watchlist as a group.


watchlist addguild #friends Bald Dwarfs

watchlist adduser

Syntax: watchlist adduser «channel» «user»[,reason]

Adds the currently registered characters of a user to the watchlist.

A reason can be specified by adding it after the character's name, separated by a comma.


watchlist adduser #friends Callie

watchlist clear

Syntax: watchlist clear «channel»
Other aliases: watchlist empty

Removes all entries from watchlist.

watchlist create

Syntax: watchlist create «name»

Creates a watchlist channel.

The watch list shows which characters from it are online. Entire guilds can be added too.
The channel can be renamed at anytime. If the channel is deleted, all its entries are deleted too.


watchlist create friends
Initial message shown in the channel
Message once characters and/or guilds have been added

watchlist info

Syntax: watchlist info «channel» «name»
Other aliases: watchlist details or watchlist reason

Shows information about a watchlist entry.

This shows who added the player, when, and if there's a reason why they were added.

watchlist infoguild

Syntax: watchlist infoguild «channel» «name»
Other aliases: watchlist detailsguild or watchlist reasonguild

Shows details about a guild entry in a watchlist.

This shows who added the player, when, and if there's a reason why they were added.


watchlist info #enemies Nezune

watchlist list

Syntax: watchlist list «channel»

Shows characters belonging to that watchlist.

Note that this lists all characters, not just online characters.

watchlist listguilds

Syntax: watchlist listguilds «channel»
Other aliases: watchlist guilds or watchlist guildlist

Shows a list of guilds in the watchlist.


watchlist guildlist #friends

watchlist remove

Syntax: watchlist remove «channel» «name»
Other aliases: watchlist removeplayer or watchlist removechar

Removes a character from a watchlist.


watchlist remove #friends Callie Aena

watchlist removefeed

Syntax: watchlist removefeed «channel»

Deletes a watchlist feed.

The given channel must be the watchlist's channel, not the channel where the feed is located, for example:
To remove the feed in channel #enemies-feed,a feed for the watchlist in #enemies-45, the command would be used like: watchlist removefeed #enemies-45

watchlist removeguild

Syntax: watchlist removeguild «channel» «name»

Removes a guild from the watchlist.


watchlist removeguild #friends Bald Dwarfs

watchlist removelist

Syntax: watchlist removelist «channel»
Other aliases: watchlist deletelist

Deletes a watchlist, even if the channel doesn't exist anymore.

The channel that holds the watchlist will be attempted to be deleted. The deletion of the channel may fail due to missing permissions. In this case, the channel may be deleted manually, the watchlist won't be updated anymore.

This also allows you to delete watchlists in channels that no longer exist.
To see the list of channels, try: watchlist viewall.

watchlist showcount

Syntax: watchlist showcount «channel» «yes|no»

Changes whether the online count will be displayed in the watchlist's channel's name or not.

watchlist viewall

Shows all registered watchlists.

When the channel holding a watchlist is deleted, the watchlist is automatically deleted too.
However, there may be cases where the watchlist is not deleted, leaving it bound to deleted channel.

Watchlists bound to deleted channels can be deleted using watchlist removelist followed by the channel's id.
The channel id is the number displayed here for deleted channels.


watchlist viewall


The whitelist filters in level up and deaths announcements.

whitelist guild

Syntax: whitelist guild «name»

Adds a guild to the whitelist.

Only characters in whitelisted guilds will have their levels and deaths announced.
If the whitelist is empty, all characters will be announced.

whitelist guild list

Shows the guilds currently in the whitelist.

Only characters in whitelisted guilds will have their levels and deaths announced.
If the whitelist is empty, all characters will be announced.

whitelist guild remove

Syntax: whitelist guild remove «name»

Removes a guild from the whitelist.

Last update: May 4, 2021