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Timers commands

Commands related to time operations.


Remember to mention the bot before the command
Example: @NabBot about.

Parameters are enclosed with « ».
Optional parameters are enclosed in brackets [].
A|B indicates command accepts either A or B.
These do not actually go into the command.


Syntax: boss «boss»[,character]

Shows the remaining cooldown time for a specific boss.


boss lloyd

boss aliaslist

Shows a list of boss aliases.

These are names you can use instead of using the full names. These are case-insensitive.


boss exori gran

boss bosslist

Shows a list of supported boss cooldowns.

boss list

Shows a list of all your active cooldowns.

For privacy reasons, only characters matching the tracked world of the current server will be shown.
To see all your characters, try it on a private message.


boss list

boss remove

Syntax: boss remove «boss»,«character»
Other aliases: boss unset or boss clear

Removes an active boss cooldown.

boss set

Syntax: boss set «boss»,«character»[,time_ago]

Sets the cooldown for a boss.

The cooldown is set as if you had just killed the boss.
You will receive a private message when the cooldown is over.

You can also specify how long ago the boss was killed, so the time is considered in the cooldown.


Syntax: dreamcourt [world]
Other aliases: dreamscar or dreamcourts

Shows the boss that is present today in the Dream Scar.

If no world is specified, the currently tracked world will be used.
If used via PM, a world must be specified.


dreamcourt Gladera

dreamcourt list

Shows the current Dream Scar boss in every world.


Syntax: events [event id]
Other aliases: event

Shows a list of upcoming and recent events.

If a number is specified, it will show details for that event. Same as using events info



events add

Syntax: events add «starts in» «name»[,description]

Creates a new event.

starts in is in how much time the event will start from the moment of creation.
This is done to avoid dealing with different timezones.
Just say in how many days/hours/minutes the event is starting.

The time can be set using units such as 'd' for days, 'h' for hours, 'm' for minutes and 'd' for seconds.
Examples: 1d20h5m, 1d30m, 1h40m, 40m

The event description is optional, you can also use links like: [link title](link url).

Once the event is created, the id of the event will be returned. This is used for further edits.


event add 5h Inquisition Quest,Remember to bring holy water!
[TibiaWiki link](

events addplayer

Syntax: events addplayer «event_id» «character»
Other aliases: events addchar

Adds a character to an event.

Only the creator can add characters to an event.
If the event is joinable, anyone can join an event using event join


event adplayer 136 Nezune

events edit

Edits an event.

Use one of the subcommands to edit the event.
Only the creator of the event or mods can edit an event.
Past events can't be edited.

events edit description

Syntax: events edit description «id» [new description]
Other aliases: events edit desc or events edit details

Edits an event's description.

If no new description is provided initially, the bot will ask for one.
To remove the description, say blank.

events edit joinable

Syntax: events edit joinable «id» [yes/no]
Other aliases: events edit open

Changes whether anyone can join an event or only the owner may add people.

If an event is joinable, anyone can join using event join id.
Otherwise, the event creator has to add people with event addplayer id.

events edit name

Syntax: events edit name «id» [new name]
Other aliases: events edit title

Edits an event's name.

If no new name is provided initially, the bot will ask for one.

events edit slots

Syntax: events edit slots «id» [new slots]
Other aliases: events edit size

Edits an event's number of slots.

Slots is the number of characters an event can have. By default this is 0, which means no limit.
Replace [new slots] with the number of slots you would like the event to have.

events edit time

Syntax: events edit time «id» [new start time]
Other aliases: events edit start

Edits an event's start time.

If no new time is provided initially, the bot will ask for one.

events info

Syntax: events info «event_id»
Other aliases: events show

Displays an event's info.

The start time shown in the footer is always displayed in your device's timezone.


event info 136

events join

Syntax: events join «event_id» [character]

Join an event with a specific character.

You can only join an event with a character at a time.
Some events may not be joinable and require the creator to add characters themselves.


event join 136 Galarzaa Fidera

events leave

Syntax: events leave «event_id»

Leaves an event you are participating in.


event leave 136

events make

Other aliases: events creator or events maker

Creates an event guiding you step by step.

Instead of using confusing parameters, commas and spaces, this command will guide you through the process.

events participants

Syntax: events participants «event_id»

Shows the list of characters participating in this event.


event participants 190

events remove

Syntax: events remove «event_id»
Other aliases: events delete or events cancel

Deletes or cancels an event.


event remove 136

events removeplayer

Syntax: events removeplayer «event_id» «character»
Other aliases: events removechar

Removes a player from an event.

Only the event's creator can remove players through this command.
Players can remove themselves using event leave.

events subscribe

Syntax: events subscribe «event_id»
Other aliases: events sub

Subscribe to receive a PM when an event is happening.

events unsubscribe

Syntax: events unsubscribe «event_id»
Other aliases: events unsub

Unsubscribe to an event.

You will no longer receive private messages when this event is happening or when changes are done.


Syntax: remindme «when» «what»
Other aliases: reminder

Creates a personal reminder.

You will be notified in the same channel when the time is over.


remindme 2h check old fortress
Once the time has passed

remindme list

Shows you a list of your active reminders.

The list consists of the reminder's id, the time in which it will be triggered and the content of the reminder, linking to the original message.

To protect your privacy, only reminders created in the same server will be shown.
In order to see all your reminders, use this command on a private message.
In order to see all your reminders, use this command on a private message.

Note that reminders created under 60 seconds are not displayed here.


remindme list

remindme remove

Syntax: remindme remove «reminder_id»
Other aliases: remindme cancel or remindme delete

Removes one of your reminders by its id.

The ID of your reminders can be seen by using the remindme list command.