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Respawn commands

Commands related to the respawn system.


Parameters are enclosed with < >.
Optional parameters are enclosed in brackets [].
These do not actually go into the command.


Manages respawns.

Try the subcommands for more information.

respawn claim

Syntax: respawn claim <code>

Claims a respawn, indicating you will be hunting there.

The duration of the hunt is determined by the server's configuration.

respawn clear

Syntax: respawn clear <code>

Removes the current hunter and the entire queue of a respawn.

respawn history

Syntax: respawn history <code>

Shows a list of previous hunts in a respawn.


/respawn history 202
respawn claim

respawn info

Syntax: respawn info <code>

Shows information about a respawn place.


/respawn info 815
respawn claim

respawn kick

Syntax: respawn kick <code> <user>

Removes a user from a respawn or a queue.

If no user is specified, it will remove the current user hunting in the respawn. To remove a specific user in the queue, specify the name of the user.

Only server managers can use this.

respawn leave

Syntax: respawn leave <code>

Leaves the respawn you're currently hunting at, or the queue you're at.

respawn list

Syntax: respawn list

Shows the complete list of respawns.

respawn next

Syntax: respawn next <code>
Other aliases: respawn queue

Joins the queue of a respawn.

You will be notified when it is your turn for the spawn via direct message. It is important to ensure you can receive private messages using the checkdm command.

To instead, claim a respawn that is not taken, use respawn claim.

respawn userinfo

Syntax: respawn userinfo [user]
Other aliases: respawn check

Shows a user's current hunt or queueing respawns.

If no parameter is provided, it will show your own information. A username, user id, mention or user#discriminator can be provided as parameter.


/respawn userinfo Galarzaa
respawn claim

respawn setduration

Syntax: respawn setduration <duration>

Setups the default duration for new hunts in this server.

This does not affect the duration of existing hunts.

respawn setlimit

Syntax: respawn setlimit <limit>

Sets the maximum number of people in a respawn's queue.

Note that changing this won't affect existing queues.

respawn setup

Syntax: respawn setup

Setups the respawn system for this server.

This will create a channel where the currently occupied respawns will be placed.

Last update: February 4, 2021