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Premium commands

Commands related to premium features.


Remember to put the command prefix before the command
The default prefixes are nb., nab. and $.

Parameters are enclosed with « ».
Optional parameters are enclosed in brackets [].
A|B indicates command accepts either A or B.
These do not actually go into the command.


Links to NabBot's Patreon.


Commands related to premium features.

For more details please check the documentation

premium add

Syntax: premium add [server_id]

Assigns premium to the current server or one you specify.

If you use it without parameters, it will try to add premium to the current server.

To obtain a server's ID, you can use the serverinfo command or enable Developer Settings to view IDs with right click.

premium balance

Shows your current premium days balance.

Premium days in your account can be assigned to servers you're in to give them premium privileges.

Note that once you give premium to a server, it can't be taken back, even if you stop being part of the server.


premium balance

premium buy

Syntax: premium buy «amount» «character»
Other aliases: premium buytc

Registers a Tibia Coin transfer to purchase NabBot premium.

In order to buy premium, you must transfer the coins to Nab Broker and then register the transaction here, including the amount transferred and the character that made the transfer.


premium buy 200 Galarzaa Fidera
(After confirming)

premium history

Syntax: premium history [purchases|servers]

Shows your transactions history, and the servers you've given days to.

This shows a combination of the purchases you have done, and the servers you've given premium to.

To only show purchases, you can add purchases at the end.
To only show which servers you have given premium to, add servers at the end.

To view more information about a specific purchase transaction, use transaction view «id».


premium history
premium history purchases
premium history servers

premium list

Shows you a list of the servers you're currently giving premium to as a Patreon.

Users that acquired premium through Patreon are given slots that they can use to grant premium to a server.
This commands shows them the list of servers they're giving premium to, as well as the number of remaining slots they have.

For regular premium users, they can use premium history to see which servers they have given premium days to.

premium price

Other aliases: premium info or premium prices

Shows premium prices and information.


premium price
Note: Image may not be up to date, call the command for the latest information.

premium remove

Syntax: premium remove [server_id]

Unassigns premium from a server you gave premium to as a Patreon.

You can't remove premium days you have given to a server, this is only for servers that a Patreon user gave a slot to.

If you use it without parameters, it will attempt to remove the current server.
Otherwise, the server's id must be provided.

You can't remove a premium server if it was assigned less than 5 days ago.

premium serverhistory

Shows a list of the premium days the server has received.


premium serverhistory

Last update: May 4, 2021
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