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Admin commands

Commands for server administrators and mods.

Manage Server permission is needed to use these commands.


Remember to mention the bot before the command
Example: @NabBot about.

Parameters are enclosed with « ».
Optional parameters are enclosed in brackets [].
A|B indicates command accepts either A or B.
These do not actually go into the command.


Syntax: checkchannel [channel]

Checks the channel's permissions.

Makes sure that the bot has all the required permissions to work properly.
By default, it checks the current channel, unless a specific channel is provided.




Syntax: language [language]

Sets the language for the current server or your personal language.

If used on a Discord server, it will attempt to change the server's language.
If used on a private message, it will attempt to change the user's language.


language spanish
language spanish (When used on a direct message)

language list

Shows the list of available languages and the progress of other languages.

language stats

Shows statistics about languages used by servers and users.


Other aliases: config

Checks or sets various server-specific settings.



settings defaultannouncements

Syntax: settings defaultannouncements [option]
Other aliases: settings simpleannouncements

Sets whether simple messages will be used instead of random custom messages for levels and deaths.

When enabled, all level up and death messages will be the same, a simple and short message, instead of randomized messages.

settings eventschannel

Syntax: settings eventschannel [channel]

Changes the channel where upcoming events are announced.

This is where announcements for events that are about to happen will be made.
If the assigned channel is deleted or the bot no longer has access to it, the top channel will be used.

If this is disabled, users that subscribed to the event will still receive notifications via PM.

settings language

Syntax: settings language [language]
Other aliases: settings locale or settings locales

Sets the language for this server.

All messages sent by NabBot in this server will be in the selected language.
Messages sent on private messages will be in the user's personal language.


settings language

settings levelschannel

Syntax: settings levelschannel [channel]
Other aliases: settings deathschannel or settings trackingchannel

Changes the channel where levelup and deaths are announced.

This is where all level ups and deaths of registered characters will be announced.
If this is disabled, announcements won't be made, but deaths and level ups will still be tracked.

settings minlevel

Syntax: settings minlevel [level]
Other aliases: settings announcelevel

Sets the minimum level for death and level up announcements.

Level ups and deaths under the minimum level will still be saved, to be viewed with other commands.

settings newschannel

Syntax: settings newschannel [channel]

Changes the channel where Tibia news are announced.

This is where all news and articles posted in will be announced.


settings newschannel

settings newstickers

Syntax: settings newstickers [option]

Enables or disables news tickers from in this server.

Disabling this will make NabBot only announce news and featured articles.
In order for news tickers to be announced, news announcements must be enabled.


settings newstickers

settings serverlog

Syntax: settings serverlog [channel]

Changes the channel used as the server log.

Server log is a special channel where changes are posted to.

settings showuser

Syntax: settings showuser [option]

Sets whether level/death messages should show the user the character is registered to.

When enabled, level up and death messages will contain a mention of the user that owns the character.

The users won't receive a notification for this.

settings welcome

Syntax: settings welcome [message]

Changes the message new members receive when joining.

This is initially disabled.

You can use formatting to show dynamic values:

  • {server} -> The server's name.
  • {server.owner} -> The server's owner name.
  • {server.owner.mention} -> Mention to the server's owner.
  • {owner} -> The name of the server owner
  • {owner.mention} -> Mention the server owner.
  • {user} -> The name of the user that joined.
  • {user.mention} -> Mention the user that joined.
  • {bot} -> The name of the bot

Be sure to change the welcome channel too.

settings welcomechannel

Syntax: settings welcomechannel [channel]

Changes the channel where new members are welcomed.

A welcome message must be set for this setting to work.
If the channel becomes unavailable, private messages will be used.

Note that private messages are not reliable since new users can have them disabled before joining.
To disable this, you must disable welcome messages using settings welcome.

settings world

Syntax: settings world [world]

Changes the world this Discord server tracks.

The tracked world is the Tibia world that this Discord server is following.
Only characters in that world will be registered.


settings world
settings world Gladera