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One of the main features of Discord bots is being able to respond to commands. All commands require a prefix in order to be recognized and to avoid command triggering accidentally.

By default, the command prefix is / and @NabBot, this can be changed in the main file by changing command_prefix, or per server using the command settings prefix.

Commands can be used on any channel where the bot can read and write. Some commands may require extra permissions such as Embed Links or Attach Files, or might not be allowed in private messages.

For descriptions of each command check the different commands sections in the sidebar.

In Discord, you can use the command help to see a list of commands. Only commands that you are allowed to use will be shown.

Reaction Actions

Many commands require interacting through reactions. If you can't see any interactions, you might have them disabled in your client.

Make sure they are enabled by going into:

User Settings -> Text & Images -> Show emoji reactions on messages.

React Confirm

Many commands require confirmation in order to avoid doing things you didn't want by mistake, like cancelling an event or disabling a feature.

To confirm or cancel the action, you must click on the icons that appear below the message. The bot will only listen to the person that used the command. If no answer is given after a certain amount of time, the action will be cancelled.

Reaction Confirmation

If the bot does not have Use External Emojis permissions, you will see 🇾 (Yes) and 🇳 (No) instead.


Some commands responses feature a paginator (based on RoboDany's paginator class). These can be easily spotted by the reactions automatically added to the reply (◀ ▶ ⏹). These reactions act as buttons, letting you scroll through the results.

Command with pagination

When you click on one of the arrow reactions, the page is scrolled in that direction, and your reaction is removed, so you can use it again. Using the stop reaction removes the paginating interface. Only the user that used the command can turn the pages.


When used in private messages, the bot has no way of removing your reactions, so you must remove them and add them yourself again.

Vocation Filter

Some commands, allow you to filter their character list by vocation. Allowing you to easily find a certain vocation.
Similar to Paginator, they have reaction buttons to switch pages (◀ ▶ ⏹). Additionally, they may have up to 4 vocation emojis to filter:

  • 🔥 - Filter sorcerers
  • 🛡 - Filter knights
  • 🏹 - Filter paladins
  • ❄ - Filter druids

When a vocation is filtered, the list is updated to only show those. Clicking another vocation filter will now show only that vocation. Clicking the current filtered vocation again will show all vocations again.

Command with vocation filter

Last update: May 3, 2021