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NabBot is a Discord bot specialized in Tibia.


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  • Characters and guilds lookup.
  • Linking characters to Discord users.
  • Level up and deaths announcements.
  • Event management, create timed events with announcements.
  • Keeps track of registered character's deaths and level ups as a log.
  • Watchlists, add characters or guilds to check their online status all the time.
  • Information commands, based on TibiaWiki articles. Items, monsters, NPCs, houses and more.
  • Joinable roles, create roles that any member can join or leave.
  • Autoroles, create roles that are assigned to users automatically based on their registered characters.
  • Boss timers, get notifications when a cooldown is over.

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This is not a cavebot, this bot does not interact with the client in any way, NabBot is a messaging bot. We're not interested in developing cavebots, do not contact us for such reasons.

Adding NabBot

To invite NabBot to your server, simply click the Invite button above and select the desired server. You must have Manage Server permission in order to be able to invite a bot.

Curious about its permissions? Check the permission explanation.


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